About Us

Convenience Valet, a division of Mechanical Servants LLC based in Melrose Park, IL, is an industry leader in trial and travel-size consumer products. CV operates more than 120,000 square feet of warehouse space in the Chicago area and distributes products to more than 100,000 outlets — cruise lines, convenience stores and everything in between.

An innovator in the trial size arena, Convenience Valet was the first to blister pack OTC medications, supply multi-packs, create color-coded category cards, do drug-fact compliant labeling and provide planograms based on syndicated data.
Since its incorporation in 1955, Mechanical Servants has strived for this industry innovation in every aspect. The focus of the business has evolved over the years from mechanical vending machine manufacturing and distribution to traditional retail outlets. In the late 1980s, the company made this shift by changing packaging and offering products in blister packed formats.

In 1995, Mechanical Servants found a market receptive to their products in convenience stores. Two years later, Convenience Valet was founded as the company’s retail product line. This new division added grocery in 1998 and drug in 2000, but still specializes primarily in convenience.

Today, Convenience Valet has more than 500 different skus and is recognized as the distinguished leader in blister packaged trial and travel-sized consumer products. Through its innovative packaging and category management, the company continues to expand and prosper.