Services Overview


Convenience ValetÂ’s 500 name brand products are just the tip of the iceberg. We also provide quality retail services unmatched in the industry. We put our expertise to work for retailers, because after all, their success is our success.


Customized Planograms

We create more than 200 Spaceman planograms each year. Based on sound facts and current research, these designs help you convert browsers into buyers.


Category Management Consulting

Our consulting is solution-driven, focused on increasing sales, margins and inventory returns. We get to know the unique challenges of your business and apply our understanding of what works at large to your individual stores in customized ways.


Solution-Oriented Products and Packaging

The fact that we seek retailersÂ’ input in creating our products is a service in and of itself. We work with manufactures to create products and packaging that fill holes in your business and boost your bottom line.