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Bringing Convenience Store Merchandise & Solutions to Retailers of All Sizes

Who We Serve

Our product lines represent additional revenue for many types of customers.  Product can be purchased through distributors or directly through us.  We offer our travel and hospitality customers the easiest of ordering solutions through a simple online ordering system.


Community c-stores, local gas shops and highway truck shops stores alike carry key brands to serve consumer needs.  Our products provide the crucial essentials of a much-needed set for any small format shop.  Looking for the best solution for your store?

& Distributors

Our products are in over 150 wholesalers and distributors across the United States.  We partner with this network to make sure retailers can always be in stock with the best set possible at shelf.  Contact us today with any distributor questions.

& Hospitality

When consumers are travelling, they often need over-the-counter (OTC) medications or other personal care items.  At Convenience Valet, we specialize in making sure shops in Airports, Hotels, Casinos, and Cruise Ships are equipped to delight their guests every time.   Need a solution for your shop?

& More

Our convenient-size health and personal care items solve problems for these retail formats as well.  College books stores, local grocery corner stores and dollar stores as well as Costco Business Center all offer our branded solutions and our flexible business model allows us to develop custom packs as needed to meet their channel specific needs.   Looking for more?