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Convenience Valet® is a strategic brand provider of impulse convenience products for high profitability of your retail front end

    What We Do

    With our flexible business model, Convenience Valet capabilities cover a wide range of solutions for countless retailers.





    Re-Packing Innovator

    Convenience Valet was the first to blister pack over-the-counter (OTC) medications giving retailers high quality brands in a packaging that consumers trusted. We have over 50 different blister packaging sizes to accommodate single or multi-pack products needed at shelf for our customers.

    Supplier of Quality Brands

    We supply the top brands from major drug and pharmaceutical companies as well as other consumer product companies. Pfizer, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, just to name a few

    Solution-Oriented Distributor

    We make it easy for travel and hospitality customers to deliver their guests needs through simple online ordering and direct delivery.

    Trustworthy Packaging Provider

    Convenience Valet was the first to deliver drug-fact compliant labeling, which means that consumers could read and know exactly what active ingredients, dosing, and warnings of the products they purchase. We believe this is of the upmost importance and actively manage the integrity of our packaging to the highest standards.


    Convenience Valet is committed to being environmentally responsible in our packaging, warehouse operations, and office culture. We source our packaging materials in a responsible manner and intentionally source from vendors that meet our official certification criteria. We maintain our QA integrity by consistently delivering to the highest standard possible and by evaluating regulatory developments to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


    Strategic Brand Approach

    Brands Matter

    Our approach is simple: brands matter. Our assortment focuses on the brands that the consumers know and trust making it easy for our retail customers to deliver the best at shelf.

    In fact, 7 out of 10 consumers said there were “likely to visit” a convenience store that offered their preferred brands. And, 7 out of 10 consumers stated they didn’t mind paying a little more in a convenience store if it’s a name brand.

    Disciplined Category Management

    Let’s face it – convenience stores or travel shops or small format stores do not have a lot of space, a luxury that “big box” retailers do. Selecting which items make the set is critical to maximizing the revenues and profits.

    At Convenience Valet, we take an unbiased, fact-based approach to category management so we can recommend the best set possible for each of our customers. Our data driven and insight based approach delivers organized sets, the right brands, and easy shopping.

    New Items Bring Energy

    In addition to innovating with sizes and packaging on the tried and true products, at Convenience Valet we are constantly looking for new items and product lines that will drive sales and profits for our retail customers. Believe you have a product that might work for our customers?

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