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Travel and Hospitality

Your supplier partner of travel-size health and personal care items

    Easily Accommodate Your Guest’s Needs

    Convenience Valet is a leading provider of trial and travel-size health and personal care products to thousands of small stores found in hotels, casinos, airports and more.  As a small-scale hospitality shop, you must maximize your offering with minimal space — which can be difficult.  Convenience Valet  is the right partner as we bring our category management and sourcing expertise to provide a solution that will deliver on your space requirements while services the needs of your guests.


    Since 1955, we have built relationships with trusted brands to become a hospitality shop supplier with access to travel size items at wholesale prices. Along with our vendor connections, we also have distributor capabilities to personalize shopping experiences to make it easy for busy hotel managers to receive products. Our online ordering system tracks all your purchases, so re-ordering to keep your shop fully stocked is easier than ever. We can also ship directly to your distributor.

    We strive to offer you the very best products with recognizable brand names to help your customers feel at-home in your shop. When stocking your hotel store, the product and brand assortment, size and format and price points are all key factors to consider. We help connect you with best-selling OTC medicine and personal care products at wholesale prices. Ultimately, our goal is to help you deliver the best experience for your guests and accommodate their immediate needs. Creating easy access to personal health care products ensures customer satisfaction when visiting your hotel, casino, or airport c-store.


    Convenience Valet is here to help you create a welcoming environment that provides travel-size health and personal care items when your guests need them most. Discover our effortless ordering system and quality service today. Contact us to get started!