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Small Retail Store Solutions and Planograms

Convenience Store Planograms and retail solutions for convenience stores with travel-sized personal care products

    Category Management

    Getting the right product to the right place and the right price sounds simple but to do it well requires strategies and a disciplined process.

    Our category management approach is consumer driven. We also strive to maximize the sales and profits of each category we touch.  We use retailer data to uncover new opportunities and then we collaborate to ensure retailer and consumer needs are met. It typically includes the latest in category and consumer trends as well as mix and gap analysis.

    Importantly, category management is not brand management.  Understanding this difference sets us apart from our competition and gives us a crucial advantage that leads to category success.


    We view planograms as a combination of science and art – the science of category management and the art of understanding how a consumer would visually take in the range of products and shop the set.

    Planograms are ultimately the blueprints of a great retail shopping experience for consumers. For retailers, they help maximize sales and profits by reducing out of stocks, by encouraging add-on purchases through segment adjacencies and complimentary products, and by making the shopping experience that much easier.


    In the channels we serve, we know this for a fact – consumers are looking for their brands; these are the brands they trust.  With this key insight, we have furthered our category management approach by partnering with all the top health and beauty care manufacturers for incremental analytics and insights.  By partnering with these best-in- class companies, we can provide our customers an even greater perspective as well as category innovations.